• Warm up interior spaces

  • Wood ages gracefully

  • Wood contributes to good indoor air quality

  • It offers sustainable options

  • Wood makes people comfortable

  • Investing in quality office materials can contribute to employee attraction and retention

  • Literally contains energy

  • Is a neutral accent


  • Truly unique character and aesthetic

  • Every piece tells it's own rich, distinctive story

  • Better grain quality and color than contemporary harvest

  • The aging and seasoning lends to improved stability

  • It is an interesting conversation piece, and showcases your unique style

  • By surviving decades of use, reclaimed wood has proven it's durability


Offering the finest quality reclaimed and salvaged woods available

Keeping our commitments to your look, budget, and schedule

We'll provide the tools you need to be successful installing, finishing, and maintaining the look you want

It's our quest to be the easiest reclaimed wood company to work with both in design and construction phases. We appreciate your feedback in how we're doing.

With our sourcing network and products designed around their look, and projected availability of 3 years or longer for our standard products, the product you love today will be available tomorrow. Exceptionally special inventories of limited availability are noted as such.

Anthology has designers on staff to help you select and tailor the right look for your project, and we help you write the specification.

We sustainably source reclaimed and salvaged woods, avoiding harm to our planet and our fellow man.

Anthology offers information and guidance on our website to help you make informed decisions.

Anthology can supply and support your large projects - all we need is a little time to gather and mill just the right woods for you.


“The bar tops looks amazing. We are so happy with them. Thank you for everything.”

— Scott, Cofounder at Milk Money Restaurant

Ray and Anthology Woods were very instrumental in our success at Yosemite National Park. Anthology Woods made all the redwood interior wall trim for both tenant spaces. Great quality and deadline sensitive are two things you will not have to worry about with Ray and Anthology Woods.
— John, Rycon Construction