The journey of reclaimed Teak wood

Steps to Reclaim Wood for Flooring and Cladding

How Anthology Woods Reclaims Sakhay Teak

In classic Anthology Woods fashion, we are nerd-ing out on a detail today: The process of reclaiming wood.  Specifically, the gorgeous reclaimed Sakhay Teak Flooring and Wall Paneling we source from Southeast Asia.

The info graph below explains the journey of our Reclaimed Teak, as it is reclaimed and reincarnated for another life.  The hands-on labor involved in reclaiming wood indicates why reclaimed wood often costs more than new wood.

And what a stunning life reincarnated Sakhay Teak lives:  Gorgeous grain, deep rich color, and a luxurious supple surface lining the floor of a custom residence or providing a warm welcome on the wall of a corporate lobby:

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