Amazon warriors fight illegal logging of tropical hardwoods

Deforestation threatens way of life for people native to the Amazon basin - and they are fighting back:

You and I aren't the only ones concerned with the deforestation of tropical hardwoods due to illegal logging (this video from the Sierra Club estimates 30% of global logging is still illegal):

NBC shared photos last week of Amazonian warriors taking back their land from illegal loggers. The Ka'apor Indians have had enough of their government providing inadequate protection of the land, and are taking matters into their own hands - expelling loggers from the area and setting up watch areas.  View the images here (warning, violence depicted).

Connect with Anthology Woods for reclaimed alternatives to illegally harvested tropicals (such as reclaimed Rosewood, pictured below).  Your choice of reclaimed is a meaningful step in reducing rainforest decimation, even in spite of widespread corruption and phony "sustainability" documentation.  Reclaimed wood has nail holes and character from decades of use that testifies to a truly recycled nature you can see for yourself.

Reclaimed Rosewood slab from Anthology Woods.  Custom sourced ( for info).

Reclaimed Rosewood slab from Anthology Woods.  Custom sourced ( for info).