The Ambience of Character: Restaurant spaces use reclaimed wood to create warm & inviting environments

Restaurant projects have always been near to our hearts at Anthology Woods.  We recognize the important role coming together over food & drinks plays in building relationships and creating community, and we love our connection to that process in sourcing & preparing old wood for a new life in restaurants. 

You'll find our "Wood with a Story" cladding the walls, ceilings & floors for an envelope of warm atmosphere, creating the table tops we come together across, and greeting you with exterior accents.  We consider the character of ambience reclaimed wood contributes to be one of an understated and effortless impression - casual enough to make anyone feel comfortable being themselves & completely authentic - just like your favorite hosts.  Grab a brew of your favorite beer or coffee, and scroll through a tour of our favorite pairings:  Food, Drink, & Wood with a Story!