Weathered Oak

From the Barn Beam to the Board Room

One of the best parts of our job is seeing the transformation that can take place when old, worn and weathered materials are re-imagined in a new form, and placed in a completely different setting.  Take for example barn beams that are removed from a decaying, crumbling structure, and then placed in a clean and contemporary modern office space.  Along the way those beams may go through many processes: de-nailing, re-sawing, ripping, planing, molding, etc. and emerge from other side as completely different looking products.  

Other times, simply juxtaposing a rough and rustic element in a unusual setting is enough to create a stunning, and eye-catching element.  The effect can be truly amazing!  We love helping clients find the "right" material for their space, and we love sharing the story of how that look came to be.


Rough weathered  Grey Medley Oak  from Anthology Woods is juxtaposed with modern, clean lines for a dramatic effect in this installation designed by  Neumann Monson Architects . (photo courtesy of Neumann Monson Architects)

Rough weathered Grey Medley Oak from Anthology Woods is juxtaposed with modern, clean lines for a dramatic effect in this installation designed by Neumann Monson Architects. (photo courtesy of Neumann Monson Architects)

Anthology Woods is comprised of experts in the industry.  We know how to connect the dots better than anyone else. We take pride in turning something old into something new.

From the barn beam to the boardroom.

From Low Brow to High Rise.

From the chicken house to the penthouse.

From down and dirty to high and mighty.

From rustic to modern. Dirty to clean. 

Anthology Woods can deliver.

We make it easy to integrate Anthology Woods into every element in your project. From inspiration to implementation Anthology Woods will make sure your job is done correctly. On time. On budget. For designers, architects, contractors, homeowners. For you.

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The Elusive Gray - Reclaimed Wood Wall Cladding

Weathered Gray Wood Wall

Weathered Gray Wood Wall

At Anthology Woods our clients are frequently looking for a “gray-weathered” reclaimed wood look. I have to admit, it is really striking to see the silver/gray shimmering tone on an accent wall.  Depending on how the light hits it, a gray weathered wood wall can change colors and have an almost luminescent sheen at certain angles.  Truly marvelous!

Distinctive Grain Patterns Make This Unique

Distinctive Grain Patterns Make This Unique

However, over years of experimentation with different finish products and techniques, we have discovered that there is really no gray finish that can mimic what mother nature does best.  We have come close, and others may tell you they have perfected it…but if you compare products, you will find that natural weathering is in a class by itself.  And further, depending on the species of wood, distinctive surface character develops in the weathered grain lending depth and variation to color and texture which simply cannot be replicated.  Add in the natural oxide stains, fastener holes and surface checking and you have a truly distinctive and one of a kind aged patina product.

We recently completed a project using a combination of weathered tropical hardwoods sourced from two different decks slated for demolition.  While we are frequently able to source weathered barn boards of fir, pine, oak, and other domestic species, the customer was particularly interested in these recycled tropical boards because of their “wild” swirling grain.  After some sanding and buffing treatments to knock-down the rough edges, smooth the boards out and clean away debris and dirt, we added a square channel reveal.  The resulting effect was particularly stunning in their modern home installation.

Ready For Installation!

Ready For Installation!

This is the type of custom reclaimed wood project that Anthology Woods specializes in.  Check out our Grey Medley and NW Blend wall cladding products.  We offer a variety of weathered barn boards in reclaimed oak, douglas fir, cedar, pine, teak and occasional special inventories of exotic species like the recycled weathered Purple Heart and Mahogany seen in these photos.  We still have a small inventory of this stock remaining.  Inquire for details.