reclaimed vs. plantation

Reclaimed Teak

Reclaimed Teak VS. Plantation Teak

Evaluating reclaimed Teak vs. Plantation Teak:  Six advantages to choosing reclaimed teak lumber for flooring, siding, wall paneling or decking.

Quality of Reclaimed

Premium old-growth quality of genuine reclaimed Teak, with tighter growth rings than plantation Teak, cannot be duplicated.  It is truly special and of the highest possible quality. 


Stability of Reclaimed

As with any reclaimed wood, the seasoned age is going to lend improved stability vs. new wood of the same species.


Legacy of storied wood

Every piece of reclaimed lumber has unique history which cannot be duplicated, and is a source of conversation and speculation.  


Color of seasoned teak  

The softly seasoned color of reclaimed teak is rich and warm, and more refined than the often mineral-streaked plantation teaks.



Distinctive appearance of aged patina (see Pela Teak) makes every board a one-of-a-kind reflection of legacy.  Smooth, re-milled Teak is more subtle in the reclaimed character of nail holes and mortise pockets.


Sustainable teak 

You are selecting a product with evidence of a recycled nature - evidence you can see for yourself.  In addition, you never have to wonder if native forests were cleared to make way for plantations.