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Project Log: White-Washed Character White Oak Flooring

Anthology Woods teams up with DIY'S "Bath Crashers" with beautiful results!

When the team at Bath Crashers reached out to Anthology Woods seeking "Wood with a Story" for their "Ombre Tub" episode taking aim at a modern rustic feel with a bit of "farmhouse" influence, our immediate response was "YES -- What do you have in mind?"  Working together in support of their goals & needs, we quickly navigated to a product that would meet their vision for aesthetics,  speedy shipment (things happen FAST in TV land!!), and budget. 

Products making their television debut in this project were Anthology Woods Northwest Blend (a naturally weathered wood installed on a section of the ceiling, unfinished) and the extremely hard & durable Left Coast White Oak, a unique species growing only in a narrow strip of Oregon and bit in California & Washington (installed for the flooring, finished with Rubio Monocoat White natural oil).  The homeowners were able to easily apply the finish themselves prior to installing the floor, and the zero VOC nature of the oil insured it was safe to move right in!  The White tint to the oil gives a subtle white-washed look to the floors while maintaining a natural look and a supple feel underfoot.  For information about finish options, please read our blog entry about Poly vs. Oil.

The couple participating in the episode loved their floor so much they decided to add more, installing it in their master bedroom, as well!  The rich character of this natural Oak in a flat sawn (the old "European" way to cut Oak) wood product adds a timeless element & warmth to the feel of the space.  Finishing out the details of the room, the Bath Crashers team added natural marble in the shower with tones of white & gray, and apron-front vanity sinks for extra charm.  Looking closely at the grain, you'll see cathedral patterns in many boards, along with a great mix of flat grain with rift areas as well.

If you'd like to create a similar look in a project you are working on, or collaborate on a custom creation, please contact Anthology Woods for more information.  We would love to partner with you!

PROJECT LOG: Reclaimed Wood Walls, Barn Door, and Bright Whites Fill a Cozy Cottage in Oregon

Anthology Woods is excited to share photos of this re-built guest cottage in Ashland, Oregon filled with 100 year old reclaimed wood re-used from the original structure.

Reclaimed wood wall cladding from the original structure is re-milled and re-used as wall paneling on the kitchen wall, and the floating shelves were originally joists.

Reclaimed wood wall cladding from the original structure is re-milled and re-used as wall paneling on the kitchen wall, and the floating shelves were originally joists.

When an Ashland couple contacted Coleman Creek Construction to re-build the cozy guest cottage adjoining their southern Oregon residence, it was observed that some of the existing wood in the structure might be re-usable.  A visit from Anthology Woods confirmed a considerable quantity of wood could be reclaimed, re-milled, and truly reincarnated for another life in the new structure!  Michael Hodgin of Coleman Creek saw to the careful deconstruction of the vintage structure circa 1900 and brought it to Anthology Woods where the task of removing metals began.  After metal removal, the wood was cut to a consistent 5" wide plank retaining the original antique rustic aged patina -- a unique wood look earned only through age and exposure.

The reclaimed wood was fastened to the walls and the homeowners chose to paint a portion of it white to brighten the interior - retaining the naturally weathered face on a feature wall that runs continuous through two levels & into a vaulted ceiling.  The soft natural texture of reclaimed wood both warms the space and absorbs more sound than sheet-rocked walls would. 

Coleman Creek also created reclaimed wood floating shelves from old joists in the building, to reside in the kitchen & bathroom.  A sliding barn door provides access to the bathroom, and was also custom-built from salvaged wood in the project. 

Finally, a storage loft was created in the vaulted ceiling, for which reclaimed Douglas Fir beam lumber was sourced from Anthology Woods.  The large reclaimed beams serve both an aesthetic and structural purpose upstairs, and enclose a comfortable sleeping space below. 

This charming and light-filled space was once a dilapidated structure, and now provides a restful guest house that utilizes recycled materials from the original building! 

To get the look of the wall planking, check out FSC certified reclaimed Frontier Blend wood wall paneling from Anthology Woods.  For custom beam needs, please contact us directly with details about your project so we can help you source the perfect wood for your space!



We love the natural beauty of wood, and if the perfect look doesn't exist in nature, we can help you tailor a custom look to get just the right affect - like we did for this reclaimed teak wall cladding. In this case, the designer was seeking a white-washed, refined look for the FSC reclaimed tropical wood wall.  She had considered Silvered Dinizia, but needed the look to be a bit cleaner, while still exhibiting stunning wood grain patterns and the life of natural color variation - but with a smooth, instead of weathered, texture.  

Anthology Woods sampled a few options, and this water-based white washed finish was the stunning winner!  

Anthology Woods FSC reclaimed Sakhay Teak with a custom white-washed, low-voc water based finish for interior or exterior use.

Anthology Woods FSC reclaimed Sakhay Teak with a custom white-washed, low-voc water based finish for interior or exterior use.

Reach out to our helpful people if you'd like to explore this look for your project!  The white-washed finish is suitable for vertical applications (& ceilings/soffits) both interior wall paneling and exterior siding.  We can also custom-mill profiles.  

Have something unique in mind?  Share your vision with us & we'll help you customize a look!