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5 Wood Flooring Installation Sins

This is something we all hope to never see! (photo courtesy of usinspect.com)

This is something we all hope to never see! (photo courtesy of usinspect.com)

Wood is an amazing material.  There are many reasons we love to include it in our living and working spaces.  Wood is strong, warm, resilient, and beautiful.  And, wood is a natural material.

As a natural material, wood is highly in tune with its environment. Many people don't realize just how much moisture wood can absorb and release and the swelling and shrinking effects of moisture change.  The photo above shows what can happen when a wood floor swells with moisture.  This is something we never want to see!  With the proper planning, preparation, and care, issues like this never need to happen. 

Luckily, the properties of wood are well understood by Anthology Woods and by most flooring professionals and contractors.  Working with experts through your full project, and understanding how to care for wood helps assure you a beautiful installation to last for many years!  Here are 5 installation sins to avoid, which largely come down to planning and preparation:

  • Not Checking Moisture

  • Not Preparing the Subfloor

  • Lazy Layout

  • Bad Racking

  • Not Nailing Enough

Read the full article here (courtesy of the National Wood Flooring Association) to learn more about these common mistakes that can lead to problems with your wood floor.  And reach out to us at Anthology Woods for help answering all your wood related questions.

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