Our FSC® reclaimed Red + White Oak for Flooring, Cladding / Paneling and custom applications


Cloverbottom Oak originates in the Eastern United States.  Installed as flooring or interior cladding, it has the seasoned color you'd expect of naturally aged, reclaimed Red and White Oak, with the presence of weather-driven checking and some nail holes and oxide stains on smooth surface.  Rich color and grain diversity, warm earthy tones.  

AVAILABLE WIDTHS: 4-1/2" fixed width standard product.

PRODUCT SUITE: Flooring, Interior Cladding, and custom applications. Inquire for details.



The jockeys are warming up thoroughbreds Truxton, Indian Queen, and Greyhound.  Refined ladies of dignity (who may or may not be wearing big hats) and southern gentlemen mask the adrenalin of the wagers.  This is Clover Bottom track, and the only thing higher than the stakes is the excitement.

Anthology woods' Cloverbottom Oak, a 100% post-consumer recycled oak flooring and cladding product, is a tribute to the early southern horse racing culture, of which the Clover Bottom track was an early fixture.  The Clover Bottom track was once operated by a man who would later become president of the United States.  We'll tell you who it was if you ask.