Our specialty espresso brown Oak provides rich tones for Flooring, Cladding / Paneling and custom applications

Wake up to another delightful coffee experience - your walls and floors drenched in a rich and creamy chocolatey tone, adding luxurious depth to interior spaces. Our specialty oil finish gives a warm, earthy feeling and shows subtle grain texture. Espresso Brown Oak creates enticing contrast when mixed with lighter accents and enhances dark color palettes.

AVAILABLE WIDTHS:  3" to 8" fixed face widths in one-inch increments.  5" face width standard.  Custom dimensions & millwork available.

AVAILABLE ON: Heritage Reclaimed Oak, Recovered Left Coast White Oak, FSC® Certified New Legacy Oak + Reclaimed Cloverbottom Oak

PRODUCT SUITE: Flooring, Interior Cladding, and custom applications. Inquire for details.

ESPRESSO BROWN is available on: