Our premium light fumed & white washed reclaimed Oak wide plank flooring & cladding / paneling

Anthology Woods Heritage Reserve Oak in Fletcher combines the sophistication of a modern finish with the distinctive character of reclaimed oak.  An homage to the timeless look of aged European fumed oak, you'll see unique color, grain, and depth from the lightly textured surface.  Being pre-finished in your choice of a super matte polyurethane or natural oil, it makes any floor or cladding installation a breeze and lends a pedigree of effortless elegance.  Wire brushed texture, pronounced grain.  Color tones of Fletcher hover in the range of warm, creamy light to medium tan tones with a white-washed quality.

AVAILABLE WIDTHS: 5" width standard product. Single or mixed widths up to 10" wide are available.  Inquire for details.

PRODUCT SUITE: Flooring, Interior Cladding and custom applications. Inquire for details.


Heritage Reserve Oak is sourced in the eastern and midwest regions of the U.S. from structures that have outlived their usefulness and are slated for demolition or deconstruction. Agricultural buildings are a primary source of domestic hardwoods, as well as factories, warehouses and other structures.  Our Fletcher variety of Heritage Reserve Oak is named for Stevenson W. Fletcher, Author of the book Pennsylvania Agriculture and County Life, 1640-1840.  This book offers a window into the time when many early barns were built along the Ohio River, to later be reclaimed.