Our wide plank old growth Douglas Fir flooring + cladding FSC® certified reclaimed from recycled bleachers

Anthology Woods Grandstand Fir originates in the Pacific Northwest, where grand stands of Douglas Fir trees thankfully still exist today.  Our reclaimed Douglas Fir is available in wide planks and long lengths that create a stunning focal point as flooring or paneling.  The character is clean and clear, and standard finishes can bring out either light and honey blond color tones, or deep cinnamon, ocher, and sienna.

AVAILABLE WIDTHS: 4" and 8" face widths. Custom dimensions also available.

PRODUCT SUITE: Flooring , Interior Cladding, Stair Treads, Tables, Benches and custom applications. Inquire for details.



With three seconds left in the fourth quarter the Pirates need a three-pointer to win and move on to the State Championship.  A sudden hush falls over the crowd, the cheerleaders take a knee, Greg and Susie grip sweaty first-date hands, Coach waves and points vigorously to his young players, and the ball, watched by every eye in the gym, is inbounded...

Grandstand Fir is sourced from high school and college gymnasiums in the United States.  Milled from clear, long length wooden bleachers of southern yellow pine or douglas fir, in mixed or vertical grain, solid or joined lengths.