Our distressed reclaimed Teak with antique natural patina for flooring + cladding / paneling

This beautiful reclaimed Teak from Southeast Asia is already filled with the wisdom of the ages and is at its best installed completely bare.  It will continue to patina and age overtime, thereby melding its story with yours and acting as a relic to share its unassuming, elegant character with the next generation to come.  The brushed smooth surface retains the aged & naturally distressed texture with the benefit of being touch-friendly.  This is an Engineered product.

AVAILABLE WIDTH: 5-1/8" face width standard. Custom dimensions available on orders over 2000 square feet.

PRODUCT SUITE: Flooring, Interior Cladding, Stair Treads, Tables, and custom applications. Inquire for details.



The un-compromised integrity of Pela reclaimed Teak attests to its title as "the king of woods."  Throughout history, Teak has been one of the most valuable woods in existence.  Anthology Woods brings you Pela Teak from the aged structural members of deconstructed buildings.  The contrasting marks running perpendicular to some of the boards indicate where one board met another.  If finished with oil, the marks will stand out even more (one reason we prefer leaving this product completely natural).

Reclaim your identity.