Our partial saw-trace reclaimed Red and White Oak distressed flooring + cladding / paneling, stair treads.

Anthology Woods Sawmill Oak embraces the rich patina inherent to reclaimed wood.  Sourced from barns, out-buildings, warehouses, factories and other sources, it retains the natural and man-made characteristics that embody a true reclaimed spirit.  Deep grooves, checks, saw-trace marks and frequent oxide stains evoke the American Pioneer Spirit.

AVAILABLE WIDTHS: 3", 4" and 5" mixed width standard product. Single or mixed widths up to 10" wide are available, inquire for details.

PRODUCT SUITE: Flooring, Interior Cladding, Stair Treads, Tables, Benches, Beams and custom applications. Inquire for details.


Sawmill oak is sourced in the eastern and midwest regions of the U.S. from structures that have outlived their usefulness and are slated for demolition or deconstruction. Agricultural buildings are a primary source of domestic hardwoods, as well as factories, warehouses and other structures.