Reclaimed TEAK: sugar white finish

Our FSC certified reclaimed Teak in a soft white-washed finish with zero voc natural oil also qualifies for leed credits.

The refined elegance of Teak meets a casual beach inspired feeling with our matte white "Sugar" finish available with or without a wire brushed texture.  Wire brushing emphasizes a higher contrast and more aged look, whereas an even surface will produce a softly muted & more demure appearance.  For centuries Teak has been prized in beauty, strength and durability, and our Reclaimed Teak in Sugar speaks quietly of past adventures and stories from a first life in Asia, reclaimed and destined for new life as your floor or wall & ceiling cladding.  Color tones are in soft tan, camel and mocha with captivating natural grain of old growth Teak.  Matte finish is standard (also available with shine).

WIDTH: 5-1/2" face width is standard on solid products. Call for custom dimensions, millwork and engineered options.

PRODUCT SUITE: Solid Flooring and Wall Paneling/ Cladding Standard.  Custom Engineered flooring/cladding available for orders of 1000 square feet & up.  Inquire for details.  Please specify with or without wire brush texture.


The many valued uses of Teak are nearly endless, which is no surprise why it has earned the impressive "king of woods" title.  Resistant to decay and insects.  Unmatched beauty.  Silky to the touch.  Old-growth Teak harvested decades back spent its first life lovingly used in dwellings, weathered on vessels bound for adventure, and supporting many on their journey as planks and posts of important bridges. 

Despite the endless uses of Teak, most of ours is reclaimed from deconstructed buildings.  Now re-milled smooth it is ready for its next destiny - a crowning feature in your project.

Sakhay.  Only the best.