Our weathered gray FSC® certified reclaimed barn board for interior wall cladding / paneling and leed eligibility

Anthology Woods Grey Medley reclaimed weathered wall cladding is the blended aged hardwood look ideal for creating a wall with rich texture and subtle color tones.  Gray is adored for acting as a color while letting true colors pop.  Due to the genuine exterior weathering of this paneling, you'll find the full range of the many shades of gray.

AVAILABLE WIDTHS:  Standard product is a blend of mixed widths: 3", 4", & 5" wide.

PRODUCT SUITE: Interior Cladding and custom applications.


He was a thoroughbred stallion foaled in 1791.  As legend has it, Tennessee thoroughbred industry started with him.  At four years old he defeated four competitors at Tappahannock.  He made the rounds of Brother's Cottage, William Blackwell's, and the William Donelson estate.  He stood tall and proud, except for when he ran wild and fast.  

His name was Grey Medley, and this spirited paneling, reclaimed from agricultural sources, is named for him.  

Reclaim your wild spirit.