Our FSC® reclaimed weathered & painted rustic REDWOOD wall paneling IN A SKIP-PLANED TEXTURE IS AVAILABLE IN WHITE, Light GRAY, dark gray, bright blue, ming blue, BLACK, bright GREEN, tomato RED, canary yellow AND CUSTOM COLORS specified by you.

Reclaimed Surfrider Redwood wall paneling showcases the reclaimed giant of woods with the textured patina in a heavy (lead-free) paint planed back to reveal contrast and accentuate grain variety.  From a   rustic modern & beach chic white to bright lime green, we can provide a variety of colors customized to your project.  Color is dominated by painted color selection with areas of brown, rust, and golden blond exposed by planing.  Character includes naturally weathered texture, tight knots, missing knots & a variety of grain patterns, surface checks, nail holes, oxide stains.  Heart and sapwood. Matte finish is standard, or add a poly topcoat for more sheen & greater color intensity.

WIDTH: Standard mixed (4-1/2" & 6-1/2").  May customize to include 3" widths also.  Fixed widths available by custom spec.