old-growth Redwood in wall paneling, decking and exterior siding recovered from urban, river, and forgotten felled giants.  In vertical and mixed grain selections

You just can't find Redwood like this anymore.  For about 50 years now, these majestic trees have been preserved and protected in their native coastal California growing range.  Redwood's amazing resistance to decay allows us to go back into areas logged many decades ago and recover the "rejects" of the time.  Wondering what they did with the "good" stuff???"  Check out Vintner's Reserve for ultra premium reclaimed Redwood from California Wine Tanks.  

Available in Mixed Grain for interior applications and premium clear Vertical Grain for Decking and exterior Siding.  Colors range in dusty red, soft amber, and brown with occasional dark oxide stains .  Oil finish darkens this soft wood.  Redwood weathers to a soft gray if installed outside without finish.

AVAILABLE WIDTHS: Standard widths for exterior Siding and Interior Cladding / wall Paneling at 3-3/8" and 5-3/8" Wide and Decking at 5-1/2" wide.  Many custom widths and thicknesses are available

PRODUCT SUITE: Interior Cladding, Exterior Siding, Tables, Benches, Decking and custom applications. 


Redwood sitting on forest floors (or sunken in rivers) for decades  still retains its integrity due to an impressive resistance to moisture, fungus, and insects.  This gorgeous Redwood is recovered from urban sources, forest floor logs left in the old days of logging, and rivers.  Boards range from looking just like new to exhibiting dark oxide stains from water exposure.  Old growth Redwood is protected from logging and can be seen in all its glory in places like Jedediah Smith State Park.