pacific golden oak - carmel

Our distinctive Oregon-sourced forest recovery pacific golden Oak makes healthy and eco-friendly wide plank flooring and wall paneling / cladding with rustic Character.

This rugged beauty is an Oregon native and available in wonderfully wide widths.  As a "rescued" product from conifer harvest in the Pacific Northwest, Pacific Golden Oak is rich in color and character.  For flooring, it is considerably harder than common White Oak from the eastern United States.  You'll see a variety of grain patterns, knots and checks, and colors ranging from luminous soft wheat, strawberry blonde & red ochre, caramel & deep sun-kissed tan, with a few accents of rich espresso.

AVAILABLE WIDTHS: 3" to 8" (or wider - inquire for availability of wider widths) fixed & mixed face widths in one-inch increments.  4" + 5" + 6" mixed widths with a tongue & groove profile is standard.  Custom dimensions & millwork available.

PRODUCT SUITE: Solid Flooring, Interior Wall Paneling/Cladding, and custom applications. Inquire for details.


Recovered in Oregon

To continue providing the building industry with conifer lumber for construction, logging often involves removing hardwoods in order to reach the conifers and bring them to market.  Our Pacific Golden Oak is a by-product of this practice. 

There was a time years ago this distinctive wood was burned in slash piles.  Today much of it is chipped and sold for industrial applications.  We think it is far too beautiful to aspire only to wood chips, so we aim to rescue it from the chipper & up-cycle to bring this unique Golden Oak to you in flooring and interior siding/paneling.

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