Our sustainable, small-diameter SUSTAINABLY-HARVESTED Cedar lends warmth as interior wall paneling and provides a durable, insect-resistant exterior solid wood siding

Buckhorn Cedar is honest in character and unassuming in nature.  The unmistakable aroma may take you back, though the wood itself is brand-new.  Buckhorn Cedar is grown in Oregon with a detailed long-term plan for promoting growth of large trees and multi-generational sustainability.  

Colors range in soft pale yellow and buckskin brown with tight knots throughout.  Oil finish darkens and adds warm richness to the natural wood color.  Cedar is naturally resistant to decay and insects, and weathers to a soft gray if installed outside without finish.

AVAILABLE WIDTHS: 5-3/8" fixed standard face width siding and 5-1/2" decking. Custom millwork & sizes available.

PRODUCT SUITE: Interior Cladding, Exterior Siding, Tables, Benches and custom applications. 


This tight-knot grade Cedar is grown with a long-term plan, and only small diameter trees are harvested (while larger trees are encouraged to continue growing).  Anthology Woods made a personal visit to the tree farm and visited with the owners to conclude that the plan in place is indeed a sustainable & long term approach contributing to a healthy environment.  From Portland, Oregon to the San Francisco Bay area, Buckhorn Cedar can qualify for local harvest and manufacturing (LEED MR 5 categories).