Glad you found us!  You will be happy to know that we are much more than just a company with a cool product and a great story.

We're real people, on a real mission. 


Anthology Woods exists because we saw room for improvement in the sustainable/reclaimed wood industry. In quality, customer service, and culture.  

  • We understand the challenges architects and designers have specifying products due to changing inventory, inadequate information, and fluctuating prices and quality.  
  • We have heard from contractors frustrated by lack of support and amateur production.
  • We know that reclaimed wood “horror stories” about bug infestation, poor millwork, misguided expectations, or inadequate drying never need to happen.   

We’re here to deliver a quality-controlled product, sophisticated service, and expert advice.   

  • We’ve built our product lines around repeatable aesthetics, and let you know when something is one-of-a-kind.
  • We offer sophisticated service throughout the project, focused on your success.  Our unique approach (and ability to support cutting-edge projects) has attracted designers to join our team and serve as your account managers.  Go ahead, give them a challenge.
  • We understand the difference between warm and cool palettes, satin and matte finish, and sepia vs. ochre.
  • A team approach – we’re excited to share your vision, be your wood consultants, and assist you in creating something amazing.   it’s not just about providing a product, it’s about doing the right thing and building relationships.
  • Our large reliable network helps you tackle something big, original, remarkable and unforgettable with one-of-a-kind wood. 
  • Quality and integrity of product for your application is important, and we don’t skimp.  
  • Supporting your contractor team throughout the process; helping carry your vision to a successful, long–lasting reality.


The Anthology Woods Team


Sawdust in our veins?  Are you kidding?  We eat, breathe and live wood.  Like the language of a forgotten era we decipher the code by running our fingers along the grain.  We grew up around wood... Pushing a broom in granddads woodshop, or welcoming uncle bud arriving back from a day in the Oregon woods.  We have a creative drive, a passion for design, and a desire to work with the best.  Our team is composed of former contractors, licensed designers, builders, inventors and entrepreneurs....more than three decades of industry experience working directly with architects, designers and contractors.  To us it's about the planet, our families and our future... and of course our love of reclaimed wood.