Anthology Woods:  Wood with a Story

Providing FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified Reclaimed and New Wood products and project support to sustainability-minded designers, architects, contractors and home & business owners to help you enhance the sustainable and one-of-a-kind nature of your building project.  

All Anthology Woods solid reclaimed products are FSC® Certified, and Engineered products are available on new-wood FSC substrates by request for LEED (Leadership in Energy + Environmental Design) needs.  Connect with a helpful wood expert today to tailor your specification and maximize the beauty, value, and performance for your individual project needs. Read more about the importance of FSC® certified reclaimed wood here. 



Reclaimed wood falls into a couple of primary categories: post consumer (it's been used to fulfill a need already) and post industrial (often fall-down or bi-product of another process).  In either case, this wood can be diverted from the waste stream and reclaimed for another purpose.  Post consumer reclaimed wood is typically going to be the most rich in character (nail holes, oxide stains, insect holes, and additional signs of use which sometimes include surface texture and patina). Post consumer reclaimed wood is also most likely to have been harvested from older-growth (best quality, and often no longer available as new wood) timber and have had more time to season and age.

Our post-consumer reclaimed products include: Heritage Oak, Sawmill Oak, Sakhay Teak, Pela Teak, Smokehouse Blend, Grandstand Fir, Cloverbottom Oak, Grey Medley Oak, Vintner's Reserve Redwood, Silvered Dinizia, Dinizia.



Salvaged wood can come from a variety of sources (such as urban, orchard, forest), and it is typically diversion from the waste stream.  Recovered wood will generally lack the checking, holes, and stains inherent in post-consumer reclaimed wood.  It is typically available in larger dimensions than reclaimed wood, too.  Anthology Woods recovered woods include Northwest Blend, Left Coast White Oak, Pacific Madrone, Orchard Acacia, Bidwell Walnut, Rediscovered Redwood. 


When you invest in reclaimed, recovered, and FSC® new wood, you are choosing a sustainable, quality product with enduring beauty.   Reclaimed wood involves investing in the meticulous care in  deconstruction, combining similar sources, de-metalling, sorting for character, trimming for quality, and filling holes where appropriate.  Because of the smaller and often random dimensions of the starting product when milling reclaimed wood, the yields are not as high as the first time around.  Bringing you a superior product with a distinct look and rich story is well worth the extra work to Anthology Woods, and we hope you love it too.  If you are seeking sustainable non-reclaimed options, feel free to ask for our help there, too.

This jar of gum was pulled from just a few bleachers being repurposed into wide plank Grandstand Fir Flooring.

This jar of gum was pulled from just a few bleachers being repurposed into wide plank Grandstand Fir Flooring.